Filtration Products

The filtration process is aimed at the protection of staff and the environment, product quality and the efficiency of the production process. We have set a target to achieve this for you at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our Filtration Products department guarantees 100% availability of all the necessary filtration products. We supply any filter you need – a standard product where possible or a custom-made one, if necessary. We also supply the make and model, if required.

Important features of our department are as follows:

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Air filtration

Air quality has a major impact on our health. Research has revealed that particulates and other harmful particles in the air can lead to reduced performance and numerous other health complaints. Good air quality not only (more...)

Liquid Filtration

We always begin by establishing which kind and type of contaminants must be removed. We are able to do research on these contaminants in our lab and use our research as a basis for determining the best solution. Sometimes (more...)

Gas Filtration

Gas filtration has always been our forte. We have built up over 20 years of knowledge and experience when it comes to natural gas filtration. We offer a range of hardware and filter elements for the removal of dirt particles (more...)


Together with our clients we ensure a safe and healthy work environment (also ATEX), with minimal impact on the environment. We offer a complete programme that enables us to carry out every job related to dust removal or (more...)

Hydraulic filtration

We recognise the need for filtration in your hydraulic system. Clearing the oil of dirt particles and water makes the system work more effectively and extends the service life of the parts. For this reason, EFC offers a wide (more...)

Compressed Air Filtration

Compressed air filtration is necessary for the effective operation of your compressed air system. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, the filters are tested in our laboratory using the “mono-dispersed aerosol” (more...)


Automotive filters include a complete range of cabin, fuel, water, oil and air filters that are used in the automotive industry and in engines. Not only do we supply filters of every make and model, but we also provide (more...)