Service and Maintenance

The Service & Maintenance department offers you every service you may require to keep your installations available at all times. Your process installations need to work continuously and the maintenance of filter installations is a job for specialists. Thanks to our motivated and qualified technicians, we can take the job off your hands. We can ensure:

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To measure is to know. Measurements are carried out by our qualified and certified engineers. We have professional measuring equipment for carrying out these measurements. We can use the measurements to: Identify (more...)

Lab research

We always begin by establishing which kind and type of contaminants must be removed. This is necessary in order to arrive at the best solution. For this reason we have our own laboratory where we can do research on the (more...)

Rental- and testunits

To make certain that what we have come up with in theory also works in practice, we have ready-made filtration installations for every use. These installations can be used on site to carry out tests or to solve temporary (more...)


Your process installations need to work continuously. The filtration unit is also an important part of your process, but it is a job for specialists. That is why we have motivated and qualified technicians who can take (more...)