Utility Supplies

Our department Utility Supplies is focussed on providing the best service to the service companies in the climate control. The filters and accessories need to be delivered on multiple location and on time. Therefore we take pride in our efficient administrative and logistic process, that make this service possible. Furthermore we offer training, return services, energy calculation and environmental measurements.


We offer a complete range of air filters and attachments. We can supply everything from a complete filter box to cut-to-size media or HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestors) filters. We can also supply related products (more...)


The European standard EN779 is leading for testing and classification of air filters in the air conditioning. In 2012, a new version of the EN779 was adopted by the CEN with some changes on the previous revision of 2002. (more...)


Not only the product is important – the logistics and administration must be effective so that you do not end up worrying about them. The product must be delivered to the right place at the right time. That is why we (more...)


We realise that the products and services that we offer account for only 20% of the total cost of ownership. A major part of the total costs can be associated with the logistical and administrative operations that have (more...)

Energy savings

In the air filtration, the energy costs are a large part of the total filtration costs. The energy costs are determined by the energy consumption of the fan. If a filter has a high differential pressure, the fan must (more...)


Our experienced engineers can perform maintenance on air handling units under your name. If you are short on people, you can rely on us. All activities are performed according to the EN2767 and are reported according (more...)