The Canister

We would like to inform you on a project we have just finished.

Upstream Oil and Gas

Production platform, separation of oil from produced water.

The customer is using a duplex filtration system for the separation of oil from produced water to below the 30ppm limit. Currently the hundred 40” filter elements have to be replaced on regular bases. Fifty elements per vessel. This has to be done on top of the offshore filter installation where there is a lack of working space. Furthermore, operators are exposed to BTEX.

The solution has to lower the total cost of ownership (OPEX) and make the process of replacing the elements operator friendly. Together with the customer EFC has delivered an engineered solution which made that happen.

EFC suggested the use of two canisters. These canisters fulfil the same function as the original elements in the same hardware (filter installation).

The difference is that in the new situation there will be only one canister per vessel. Replacing them will be 5 times faster than the original filter elements and the operators are not exposed to BTEX. As the canister contains 70% more adsorption material, the change out time decreases with almost 50%.

The canisters are supplied including certified lifting equipment, manufactured according to EN818, EN1677 and EN13889. Safety is guaranteed.

Benefits of the EFC canister solution:

  • 50% – 70% longer life time
  • Operator friendly
  • Minimal exposure to BTEX
  • Up to 60% TCO savings

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