Engineered filter solutions

Sometimes a standard filter offers the best solution. In other cases, our engineering department comes into play. This is where filters are designed and custom made. Even complete filtration installations with pumps and pipe work can be made here.


From engineering of filtration installations to engineering of complete solutions, including pipe work and process- and operating installations. EFC’s experienced engineers can be tasked with every assignment when it comes to designing. They have experience in many different branches. EFC’s engineers:


  • Design – they take care of concept-, basic- and detailengineering
  • Document – installation-, operating- and malfunction manuals
  • Plan maintenance – for every installation the optimal maintenance strategy
  • Improve your technical installations – advice on new techniques that make your
  • business process more efficient
  • Meeting important quality requirements – we guarantee top quality
  • Debottlenecking
  • Reverse engineering

Engineered elements

The designing of filtration products is part of our daily work. Using the research done in our laboratory, we determine the specifications of the filter. Using this data, the department designs the filter in detail, with the necessary strengths measurements, temperature and chemical resistence, standardization and specific client desires. Finally, the product is produced by us, or under strict supervision.

  • Elements
  • Pressure vessels

Engineered systems

We offer complete and custom made filtration systems for every kind of filtration. The systems are deliverd including pipe work, pumps, process control and the necessary maintenance manuals. The systems can be developed according to certain demands or can be designed following laboratory- or on-site research.

De systemen voldoen aan alle gestelde wetgeving en normen (ATEX, PED, ASME) en kunnen onafhankelijk getest worden. De testen kunnen plaatsvinden in onze fabriek en na goedkeuring geïnstalleerd worden op uw locatie. Hierdoor bent u gegarandeerd van een minimale belasting op uw organisatie. En aantal specifieke voorbeelden zijn:

  • Ontstoffingsinstallatie
  • DMF systeem (afvangen van nevels)
  • Offshore SKID


The Engineered Solution is installed, tested and delivered ready for use. EFC works “On time and On budget”.

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