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Maintenance, changing filters and installation services

Your process installations always have to work. The filtration installation is an important part of this, but this is a specialists area. This is why we can provide motivated and qualified mechanics that can take this out of your hands.


Stock services

In addition to short-term stock, we also offer client-specific stock. This means you always have the necessary elements and parts at your disposal. Our 24 hour service ensures availability of the products you need. If this is not enough: we can also provide consignment stock in your own warehouse. In cooperation with ordering systems like Arriba and by linking your ERP-system to ours, we can always offer the best administrative and logistic solution with the lowest costs.


Test and hire units

Do you need filter capacity in the short term or temporarily? We have a wide assortment of filter installations and filter houses at the ready: air filtration boxes, de-dusting filters, filter houses for liquid filtration and hydraulics- and lubricating oil filtration systems for the removal of solid particles and water. This also includes pumps, vents, hoses etc. The installations are available for personal use, but we can also provide one of our operators to offer help.

Remote Filtration

Remote Filtration® is available for all your filter installations. For example dedusting filters, exhaust systems, liquid filters, hydraulic- and lubricating oil filters. Remote Filtration® is completely brand independent and integrable with your current operating system.


Measurements on location

Measurements are performed by our qualified and certified engineers. We have professional measuring equipment at our disposal to perform the measurements.


Laboratory research

We always start with determining what type and what kind of contamination needs to be removed. This is necessary to find the best solution. For this reason, EFC has its own laboratory where research can be done on the contamination, the load-bearing medium or the used filters.

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