Oil & gas

With years of experience in upstream-, midstream- and downstream oil and gas industry, EFC is the right company to advise you on how contamination can be removed.


In upstream, we originally deliver filtration systems and filter elements of every brand and type. In downstream it is the same, and specific applications can be named: filtration, in and around turbines and compressors, gas sweetening, glycol, amines, catalyst protection and solvent filtration.


In the chemical industry both filtration of the product and protection of the means of production from contamination are very important. Continuity of the process is crucial and production efficiency needs to be improved constantly.


Typical applications are: bringing semi-finished products to desired quality, cleaning of cooling- and other helping liquids, protection of compressors and turbines. All end-products, gas or liquid, can be specified by us through the removal of contamination.


In the pharmaceutical industry, our filters need to function in a high-quality, effective and profitable way, without endangering safety at any point. To help you in this situation, we can deliver high-quality and validated filters for both micro- and ultra filtration.

Food & beverage

In the food- and beverage industry, safety and traceability is crucial. We can help you with foodgrade arranging you production process, transfer and storage. Think of clarification of the product, removal of bacteria, and the removal of unwanted contamination in your storage tanks and silo’s.


Because of the high demands and extreme sensitivity related to producing micro-electronics, filters are an important part of your process. EFC offers knowledge and experience in solving all possible problems in filtration of CMP Slurries, photoresists and chemicals, among others.

Power generation

Solid-, liquid- and dissolved contamination particles in your liquids can be de cause of problems in your assets like the boilers, turbines, and transformators. Common applications are varnish removal, reverse osmosis, fuel gas cleaning, lubricating oils and the protection of your gearboxes, low NOx burners and injection nozzles.

Water treatment

Our filters and systems are perfectly suited for the treatment of your (waste) water flow. Think of the removal of large waste particles as pretreatment, the application of membranes for ultra- or micro filtration, or the application of filters for reverse osmosis.

Paper & pulp

The production level in the paper & pulp industry is strongly dependent on the quality of diverse liquids in your company. Our filters are especially suited for the removal of contamination from your bleaching- or coating agents, the protection of your means of production, or the re-usage of water.

Waste processing

EFC helps in your entire process; ranging from the delivery of filters for your waste water flow, heat supply and the protection of your turbines, to the replacement of filters for the catching from your (fly)axle. Also for the delivery of filters for your heat exchangers or rolling material we are the right company.


In the stocking and transfer of materials, a lot of filtration is involved. Think of the suction (and catching) of dusting materials, the filling and and venting of tanks on site and maintaining the availability of all your rolling materials. EFC is the right company to fulfill your filtration needs.