Coalescers used for gas filtration

Our coalescers are designed and produced to operate in critical process environments. Coalescers are used to remove sub-micron particles, fine mist and aerosols from the gas flow. A coalescer assembles small liquid particles (coalescing). This way the particles become large enough to be separated from the gas flow. In addition to our own assortment of coalescers, we offer equivalents to all large producers.

What problem is solved?

Sub-micron particles, fine mist and aerosols are removed from the gas flow.


Technische specificaties

  • Breed toepassingsgebied
  • Hoge kwaliteit
  • Hoge efficiency (beta >5000)
  • Hoge capaciteit

  • Gastransport en distributie
  • Raffinaderijen
  • Offshore productie

  • Glasvezel
  • Cellulose
  • Polypropyleen
  • Polyester
  • Metaal

Filterfijnheid: absoluut filtratie vanaf 0,3 micron