Bag filters used for liquid filtration

In liquid filtration, bag filters are used more and more because of their wide applicability, constant filtration and large waste storing capacity. In addition, the bag filters are replaced more easily than traditional filter candles. This often makes bag filters the most cost efficient solution.


Materials of filter bags

Most standard bag filters are produced out of polypropylene, polyester needle-felt or nylon monofilament. Needle-felt bag filters are available starting at 0,5 microns and are completely welded. Monofilament bag filters are available between 1 and 1500 microns and are stitched, because welding is impossible. All bag filters can be provided with a steel or sentinel collar.


Assortment of filter bags

Aside from standard bag filters, we also offer a wide assortment of bag filters intended for oil absorption or food industry (foodgrade), with an extended life span and with high efficiency.

What problem is solved?

Unwanted solid waste is removed from process liquids, coolants and end products.


Technische specificaties

  • Groot vuilbergend vermogen
  • Hoge capaciteit
  • Eenvoudig uit te wisselen
  • Continue kwaliteit zorgt voor proceszekerheid

  • Verf
  • Pigmenten
  • Lakken
  • Vernis
  • Inkt
  • Was
  • Koelvloeistoffen
  • Snijvloeistoffen
  • Voedingsmiddelen
  • Oliederivaten
  • Proceswater

  • Onze filterzakken zijn beschikbaar in verschillende materialen om brede inzetbaarheid te garanderen. Certificaten voor FDA en HACCP zijn beschikbaar.

Filterfijnheid: van 0,01 tot 1500 micron.