Filter housing for candles - liquid filtration

Filter housing with filter candles are frequently used industrial filtration systems, used to filter waste from process liquids and -gasses. Using the process information we choose the suitable filter candles and we form the filter housing to optimally capture the contamination. Because of their versatility, filter housing with filter candles offer a solution to a large number of applications.


Design filter housing

Our filter housing is designed for efficiency and user-friendliness and meets the necessary norms (like PED, EN13445, or ASME section VIII). Client-specific norms or challenging process information is also no problem for EFC. We offer filter housing that, for example, function in heavily corrosive environments, with a working pressure of 136 bar or at temperatures of 285 degrees celsius.


Custom-made solutions

We gladly help you optimize the filter housing for your process environment. Our filter housing is therefore dimensioned to find the right proportion between operating time and operational costs. Using remote filtration technology, we can let you know exactly when your filter candles are functioning properly and when they are in need of replacement.

filterhuizen voor filterkaars